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Company Info
Your Virtual CEO, President Enrico Rosati, spends most of his time in the USA where he will back one project at a time until it is successfully completed.

Enrico Rosati


His knowledge of the USA textile market in the past decades has made Enrico Rosati one of the world's most widely recognized experts.


Renata Borgna Rosati, Executive Vice President


Renata Rosati began working as an event organizer in Florence, Italy, where she produced presentations and programs for the Ferragamo and Cassetti companies.

Now residing in New York City, she has built upon this experience as a full time consultant to The Italian Cultural Institute, an arm of the Italian Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she now plans and develops all events involving museums, art galleries and special locations. The purpose of these programs is to increase visibility of Italian lifestyle, art, culture, and literature to the American public. Contact Renata at renata @ giointl.com


Notable accomplishments



1976 - 1982 Twintex-Twinteller named best success story in textile by Time Magazine (International 1981) Built USA markets: better to bridge to a volume of 10 million yards a year ($50 million)



1985 - 1990 Enrico Rosati SRL: Important contribution to the promotion of Italian fashion into USA. "Salute to Italy" at J.C. Penney and "Ecco l'Italia" at Bloomingdale.



1991 - 1994 Picchi Mills Ltd. Rosati opened New York office and built market share to a leadership position, still going strong...



Europa Nova: EU economic and political market integration, President until 1982



For Italian Mill Association official meeting in 1977 with FTC and US Customs over "Wool Label Act - Cashmere"



European Management Forum (Davos): Mission to China 1980 textile representative of leading European businesses



The Color Association of the United States - member in the color committee


Latest fashion trends, sourcing managers advisory: www.wwd.com


Our customers, among others, include:


Our other projects will be presented and discussed upon request


Success in the US markets is not an overnight "thing". You have to consistently do the right "thing" in order to be taken seriously



You have to beat the competition at every move you make



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