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There is no room for mediocrity in the new business world. Do you realize that being good or having a good product is no longer enough?

If you have a good company or a great one, you must constantly engage in the process of getting better or risk being left behind. To stay ahead, you need the right people, in the right locations, at the right time and with the right resources. 

Welcome to Gio International Ltd.


We are information specialists, mainly in the textile sector, who have provided growth opportunities for companies in the US markets since 1990. Our focus has been on small to medium size industrial businesses, from Italy and beyond.


In the increasingly competitive international textile arena, you cannot afford to be left behind.


Gio International's advisors can create custom solutions through:



Short and long term strategic planning


Turn key office and infrastructure building


Marketing research and analysis


Sales support and direct representation


Auditing and financial services


Whether you have to simply update, revamp, or reorganize an existing project, or get your own new plan going, we can help you implement it step by step.


Gio International Ltd. can help put your company on the map



Your service and your product must exceed expectations


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